My first blog!

Fall is time flies, we are already in September!

 I wish I could say that winter greets us with changing leaves and cooler temperatures, but it doesn’t quite change much here in Saudi… still hot and humid but it’s still home and I love it.  

What I do feel however is a major shift happening in my life. Chapters are ending, new ones opening & my old friend “uncertainty” is knocking on my door again with a knock, knock joke.

 “Knock, knock... who’s there? are you ready? Ready for what who? Flat out uncertainty.

All I can do is learn to cope with it & gradually accept that I won’t know till it’s time for me to know. Been working very hard this year trying to elevate my practice, grow Hoakalei, maintain a healthy relationship with my family & friends. Also, shockingly not get too comfortable with any state I am in as things have been changing a lot for me lately, so rather than fighting it, learning to go with the flow.

No use getting all agitated I’ll just have some dark chocolate, tea & freak out a little here & there. Nothing to worry about. Lol. I will share with you a little secret. Something I do to calm me down. I close my eyes & I reflect back to all the things that happened to me this year that started with uncertainty & honestly a big smile is drawn on my face. So much went on: first marriage anniversary, Hoakalie Yoga turned two, held my first yoga retreat ever, a lot of traveling & many beautiful new friendships. Alhamdulillah. It makes me just surrender to faith. Everything will unfold the way it should, when it should. Trust god’s plan & trust that you will end up where you’re supposed to be, doing what you’re supposed to do, with who you’re supposed to do it with.

Current mantra (Trust god’s plan).

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