Q1. Can I join this workshop if I have never practiced yoga before?

Yes, it is the perfect place for you to begin your yoga journey! This workshop will provide you with the fundamentals of yoga so that you can begin to practice yoga properly, safely and experience the maximum benefits of yoga (mind, body and spirit). Start practicing yoga the right way!

Q2. What is the difference between 'Workshop' and 'Class' categories?

A 'Workshop' provides more depth in terms of the content and learning experience. There will be more theory and we will go into details about specific techniques. Typically, the duration of the lessons are longer.

The 'Class' category offers lessons focusing on the workout with specific intentions each day (subtler and deeper aspects of yoga). There will also be a 'off the mat' challenge of the day to bring in yoga into your daily life.

Q3. Can I sign up for the workshop if I am pregnant?

You will need to consult your doctor as every pregnancy is different. In my opinion, it is advisable not to. However, if you are confident, athletic and your doctor encourages yoga to be part of your pregnancy then some modifications to the poses will be shared with you.

Q4. I am not flexible, can I do yoga?

Yes! One of the biggest misconception about yoga is that you can’t do yoga if you are not flexible. In this modern age, we are exposed to extreme yoga poses on our instagram which has caused many people to think that they have to be flexible to do yoga. The truth is, flexibility is just a side effect of yoga, it is what you learn from the challenges you face from your inflexibility that is more important. So the less flexible you are, the more opportunity you have to learn about humility, patience and persistence.

Q5. What do I need to bring for the workshop?

An open heart! Leave the rest for us.

Q6. What if I missed the class due to last minute unforeseen circumstances?

There will be no refunds as the space is limited. However you can make up, up to 2 classes.