I have been practicing yoga with hanan for the past 3 years now, and let me tell you she is hands down the best yoga instructor in town. And probably in the whole kingdom, and no, I’m not exaggerating. She doesn’t only teach you the yoga poses, she teaches you that yoga is within all of us, even if you practice or not. She has taught me that yoga is practiced deep deep down, before it even starts to come out in poses. Want to experience a sense of real yoga? You’re in the right place. Expand your horizons and let Hanan teach you to trust yourself. She is a unique treasure, that you will appreciate so deeply and know it’s worth in the first couple of practices with her.
Start your journey with the right person, and trust me, you will never regret it.
— Hala Rachika Husseini
It’s amazing how In every session I attend .. I experience beautiful synergy and energy .. coordination and elevation .. power and calmness ..love and awareness .. stretching and balance .

Thank you HOAKALEI
— Malak Masallati

Hoakalei Yoga studio is not just a studio in my heart, it’s my happy place where I feel all the positive vibes, love in the air and endless support and encouragement from my amazing Yoga teacher Hanan.
Your Humble student
— Layan Ahmed
“I really found a special spiritual aspect, as well as that extra depth, that I had been looking for in my yoga practice/studies when I joined Hanan’s classes. Practicing with Hanan has had a profoundly transformative impact on my life.”
— Serene Al Afifi

On my first class, as I remember because I couldn’t ever skip a class after, I witness -and only for that session so far- the balance between my body and mind. I felt everything as a whole and since then I’m so grateful to be part of her classes and I love them being part of my personal building phase.
— Ekleel al3azama

It’s difficult to not sound cheesy when describing yoga with Hanan. The sessions create strength but seamlessly put you in a relaxing state. Hanan takes us through a journey of kindness and forgiveness; kind thoughts towards your body and self, and sending out peace to all. An hour and a half where I can truly say my mind is peacefully focused; like moving meditation.
— Hafsa shariff

At Hoakalei with Hanan I have learned how personal Yoga is to each individual. We each have unique physical abilities and responses yet we can enjoy this practice in the company of others in complete harmony.
— Danya Sindi
I’ve been going to Hanan since 2015 and every time I go there I learn something new and fall even more in love with yoga. I enjoy her passionate teaching and techniques in yoga. She truly is a teacher of not just yoga, but a teacher of life.
— Layan Khayat

I have tried many types of sports before but I never clicked with any of these sports including yoga. Until I met Hanan and she redefined the meaning of yoga to me. My practice with her taught me that yoga is not a sport. Its a journey that allows you to heal your body, mind, soul. Its also a journey of self-love, acceptance, and self compassion. When I go to Hoakalei, I feel safe in a judgement free space, I feel adventurous to try things out of my comfort zone, and I feel love by sharing it with Hanan and others. Hanan and Yoga are both very dear to my heart and attending her classes is my favorite activity of the week that I look forward to! I always recommend Hoakelei to anyone who is looking for a heartwarming space that combines love and strength
— Ghalia Mahmoudi

I have known Hanan since 2016. From the first day I entered the Hoakalei studio, I felt welcomed and at ease. I also felt a sense of warmth and peacefulness; as if life was slowing down and I could actually keep up.
Hanan helped me heal in a very special way. She taught me that just by coming back to my mat and breathing deeply, I will increase my awareness, acceptance to face my fears and life challenges. I always leave her class with a calmness and a big smile....
Hoakalei Studio is a place that is comfortable for all Yoga practice levels.. if you’re not practicing Yoga there, you’re missing a lot!
Honestly, I would never imagine my life with you (Hanan). Thank you :)
A Proud Hoakalei Member...
— Fatin AbdulManan Bar