The Hoakalei Journey


At Hoakalei yoga we don’t believe in perfection.

We focus on the journey rather than the end result; it is in the journey that you get to discover yourself and develop a higher awareness of the universe within and outside of you. 
We always start our practice with setting our intention, to bring awareness to the “You”, what brought you here and what you want to achieve with this practice. 
Intentions change with every class but it’s with the awareness of the intention that you experience who you really are and how to overcome the boundaries that you’ve set for yourself. 
The practice focuses on getting you out of your comfort zone in order for you to overcome mental and physical challenges and realize your true potential. 
We always end the class by tuning back to our inner self, how we felt through the comfort and discomfort and what we’ve learned about ourselves through it. We acknowledge the things we take for granted and send peace to ourselves, the people around us and the entire universe.